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Class Schedules





Grand Rapids Gymnastics Academy

2017/2018 Recreational School Year Schedule

 Effective September 5th - Tuition prices are per 4-week session


Beginner Classes - $55 for 1 day/week, $95 for 2 days/week

Class                           Days                               Times

Beginner                    Monday                     4:45-5:40 PM

Beginner                    Monday                     6:00-6:55 PM

Beginner                    Tuesday                     3:30-4:25 PM

Beginner                   Tuesday                      5:30-6:25 PM

Beginner                    Tuesday                     6:30-7:25 PM


Beginner                    Wednesday              6:00-6:55 PM

Beginner                    Thursday                   3:30-4:25 PM  

Beginner                    Thursday                   5:30-6:25 PM

Beginner                    Thursday                   6:30-7:25 PM


Intermediate I Classes - $55 for 1 day/week, $95 for 2 days/week

Class                           Days                                Times

Intermediate I         Monday                      6:00-6:55 PM

Intermediate I         Tuesday                      3:30-4:25 PM

Intermediate I         Tuesday                      5:30-6:25 PM

Intermediate I          Wednesday               6:00-6:55 PM


Intermediate I          Wednesday               5:45-6:40 PM 

Intermediate I          Thursday                   3:30-4:25 PM

Intermediate I          Thursday                    5:30-6:25 PM


Intermediate II Classes - $65 for 1 day/week, $105 for 2 days/week

Class                           Days                                Times

Intermediate II       Monday                       3:30-4:45 PM

Intermediate II       Tuesday                       6:30-7:45 PM

Intermediate II        Wednesday                3:30-4:45 PM

Intermediate II        Thursday                     6:30-7:45 PM

 Advanced Pre-Team - Open to Intermediate II students

     $40/month if 2nd day of week, $25 if 3rd day of week


Adv Pre-Team         Monday                       6:45-8:00 PM 

Homeschool Classes - $55 for 1 day/week, $95 for 2 days/week

Class                            Day                                 Time

Homeschool            Monday                      2:00 – 2:55 PM

Homeschool            Wednesday                2:00 – 2:55 PM



The Following Classes are offered 1 day/week

Tumbling                 Wednesday        4:45-5:40 PM      $55


Boys Beginner        Wednesday        5:15-6:00 PM    $50 

Boys Beginner        Wednesday        6:00-6:45 PM       $50

Boys Advanced       Wednesday       6:45-7:40 PM       $60



The following classes are 2-3 days/week and coach’s recommendation:

Fast Track         Mon, Wed, Fri -         3:30-4:25      $100(2day) $125(3day)

Super Stars       Monday and Wednesday    6:00-6:55     

                            Friday             3:30-4:25                  $100(2day) $125(3day)


Adv. Superstars      Tue/Wed/Thu                 4:30-6:00      $140




Grand Rapids Gymnastics Academy

2018 Recreational Summer Schedule

Effective June 4th - Tuition prices are per 4-week session

Class                                  Days                                              Times             1 day/2days

Beginner                       Monday and Wednesday            9:30-10:25           $55/$95

Beginner                       Tuesday and Thursday                 5:30-6:25            $55/$95

Beginner                       Tuesday and Thursday                 6:30-7:25            $55/$95

Intermediate I             Monday and Wednesday            9:30-10:25           $55/$95

Intermediate I             Tuesday and Thursday                 5:30-6:25            $55/$95

Intermediate I             Tuesday and Thursday                 6:30-7:25            $55/$95

Intermediate II            Tuesday and Thursday                 3:30-4:45           $65/$105

Intermediate II                Tuesday                                      6:30-7:45           $65/$105

Advanced                        Mon/Wed/Fri                             9:00-11:00         $95/$130

Tumbling                              Tuesday                                  4:45-5:30              $55

Boys Beginner                     Thursday                                 5:00-5:45              $50

Boys Advanced                   Thursday                                  5:45-6:40             $60


*The following classes are 2-3 days/week and coach’s recommendation:

                                                                                                                         2 days/3 days

Fast Track                           Mon/Wed                               9:00-9:55

                                              Thursday                                5:30-6:25            $100/$125


SuperStars                     Mon/Wed                          9:00-9:55  

                                                Thursday                                 6:30-7:25           $100/$125


Advanced Superstars          Monday                                  10:30-12:00
                                                Tuesday and Thursday            6:00-7:30        $140  





GRGA Ages 5-14 Open Gym


Fridays  Ages 5-14  7:-00-8:00 PM

Members Cost - $5.00 per time or to be used as a make-up class. 

Non-Members - $7.00 Per time, ages 5-14, must have parent signed waiver

 Open gym is a GRGA staffed and supervised, non-structured time for gymnasts to work on the skills they are learning in class.   Each open gym session will begin with a short stretch, going over the rules and open gym time.   Children are not allowed to do skills that the instructors do not feel they are ready for or that may put the child at risk.   

 There will be several dates throughout the year that GRGA will cancel open gym due to holidays, team events, etc.    When this occurs, GRGA will post the cancelations as far in advance as possible.

Please see the GRGA Calendar Link for dates that will not have Open Gym.